Mini-Post: My Daughter The Songwriter

Erik Cooper —  March 5, 2013 — 4 Comments


As a father, you’re always looking for those connections with your kids. A spark of gifting, passion, or common interest. For my middle daughter, Anna, it seems to be the arts. She loves to act (my, does she love to act), write, create, sing, and be beautifully silly. We love the life she brings to our home.

So when my brother approached us about using her as a Grizzly Music Company’s songwriting guinea pig, I said absolutely. It was a no-brainer. Over the past two months, she’s worked with Darren and Justin each Monday after school to craft her first original song – a powerful, introspective, existential look at one of life’s great mysteries:

Pretty Pink Unicorns

(Click the link to hear the awesomeness).

I wanted to share it here today, partly as a proud dad, and partly to promote my brother’s endeavor to build a unique music school with a focus on developing creativity. It’s not just for kids (maybe you’ve got an itch to stir up your own inner artist). Contact him.

Enjoy my 11 year old’s first crack at songwriting and recording. I’m sure it’s the first of many to come.

4 responses to Mini-Post: My Daughter The Songwriter

  1. This is awesome on all accounts. I would be proud, too, Erik. And how cool that Darren helps people make their ideas come to life like that! Good stuff.

  2. Fantabulous! Daddy & daughter time. And, what a creative way to encourage your daughter’s strengths.

  3. Totally cool! Sounds great! My girls are gonna hear this and want studio time!

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