A Thousand Little Prayers

Erik Cooper —  September 6, 2012 — 3 Comments

“I’ll pray for you.”

I have to admit, I’ve made the statement a thousand hollow times. It’s an impulsive way to end an awkward conversation. The Christian version of “take care,” or “have a good one.”

These petitions can tend to find their way to the forgotten pile of good intentions. All these needs, all these stories, can be difficult to remember. And really, what kind of impact would my little prayer make anyway?


But then this morning, I received a note from a Central American missionary requesting both prayer and funds for one of their volunteer workers who was seriously injured in a vehicle accident last week. They’re asking for 50,000 people to donate $1. She called it a “poor man’s offering.” At first I thought, “that’s ridiculous.” Seriously? Fifty thousand people?!

And that’s when it hit me:

Do we underplay the impact of a thousand little prayers? If we would just stop for a few short seconds to pray for those who need God’s intervention, what would happen? What is happening? What kind of power exists in an avalanche of small, short prayers of agreement and unity?

So today, I’m asking for your help. Two months ago, my father-in-law, Dave Wigington, severely injured his left shoulder. He’s completely lost nerve function and is physically incapable of lifting his left arm. For most of us, this would be a serious inconvenience and cause for worry, but for Dave it carries a bit more weight than that.

He has no right arm.

You can hear the full story of the accident that changed Dave’s life at age 16 by clicking here.

With no right arm and now minimal use of his left, he’s lost the ability to do almost anything that requires physical exertion. Drive. Lift. Mow grass. Hang a shelf. Take out the trash. Doctors don’t know when or if the nerves will ever regenerate. There’s no time table. No real treatment. We just wait.

And we pray.

So I thought I’d ask each of you today – some who know Dave well, and others who have never even heard of him before this moment – if you’d stop and say a prayer for him today? Nothing weird. Nothing kooky. Just ask that God would miraculous intervene in the nerves in his shoulder. To restore motion, strength, and hope to Dave’s life.

30 seconds. (Right now?).

It’s the simple, honest, humble prayers that move the heart of God – your prayer equivalent of a $1 donation (no, we don’t want your money). That’s all I’m asking for. For Dave. For all those in need today.

There’s power in a thousand little prayers. Let’s prove it. Right now.

Thanks for praying for Dave. You can send him a note of encouragement at wigington@indy.rr.com, or connect with him on Facebook by clicking here.

3 responses to A Thousand Little Prayers

  1. I’ve asked for a miracle – one little prayer. As I see Dave’s picture on FB or think of him I’ll pray again. When I first saw posts about surgery it didn’t register that it was his “good arm” that was having problems. Definitely praying for a miracle!

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