How My Daughters & Matt Redman Renewed My Belief in Worship Music

Erik Cooper —  October 19, 2011 — 1 Comment

It’s not unusual to hear my daughters fighting. They are after all…



And pre-teens.

That’s a combustible concoction in any culture. Normally, I’d let it go for awhile, like a good hockey fight. As long as there’s no blood, they can usually work it out on their own. But this little spat had hit the ice. They were throwing haymakers. So I broke down and hopped in the scrum.

“Anyone want to tell me what’s happening here?” (I love how calm and rational I can make myself look in a post like this).

Through snotty sobs and melodramatic tears, I was handed this:

Oh, oh. 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty.

My girls may be a lot of things, but fat isn’t one of them. Yet the incessant teasing of my oldest daughter had created escalating anxiety in my youngest. It eventually exploded in anger, screaming, crying, and apparently this interesting piece of artistic expression.

She was wrestling. Wrestling with a lie. Daddy had to step in and re-root her in the truth.

As a life-long musician in the local church, this is one of the reasons I believe worship is so important.

It leveled me this past Sunday as I was driving in for our weekend service at City Community. I was listening to Never Once, a new song by Matt Redman we were planning to introduce that morning:

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Yes, our hearts can say

Never once, did we ever walk alone
Never once, did you leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, you are faithful!

Within minutes, I was sobbing like Jim Leland in a post-game press conference. What the? Why? What’s the matter with me?!

Over the course of the week – my experiences, my encounters, my past – can subtly begin to give life to my lies. Things I believe about myself and about God that just simply aren’t true. As I listened to these words, sang these words, proclaimed these words, my life was once again flooded with truth.

Truth. Rooted in Scripture. Applicable to my life. Attached to music, the language of heaven. It resonated. It reminded. It re-rooted. It renewed me.

Are you wrestling with anxiety? Anger? Depression? Frustration? Fear? What roots are you drawing from this week? Your lies or His truth?

As we worship, the Father reminds us Who He is. And in Him, who we are. Our Daddy steps in and tells us the truth.

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