One Reason God Can Be Confusing

Erik Cooper —  August 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

My parents are a gift. If I had a redo, I’d pick them again. No designer, Hollywood, Brangelina types for me. Dave and Karen Cooper are just fine. Midwestern, but not middle of the pack.

But cherished as they are, there is one thing I’ve finally determined they are not.


(They’re so relieved.).

And that got me thinking. God can really be confusing. Yep. Confusing. When He doesn’t act, speak, move, or love like we anticipate a parent, or a Father, should act, speak, move, or love, it’s downright perplexing. Frustrating. Frightening. It’s true.

Like it or not, our human parents, present or absent, nurturing or abusive, overbearing or missing, have delivered a set of expectations for our Creator-Daddy. Expectations we’re constantly, and often subliminally, attempting to reconcile with God’s activity in our daily lives.

  • Some parents do everything for their children, never forcing them to work for anything. So when God allows growth through struggle, we’re perplexed by His seeming “lack of love.
  • Some parents are emotionally or even physically absent, so the thought of God acting as a Helper, or responding to a request with the answer “yes,” is a baffling and foreign concept.
  • Some parents as so overprotective, their children wrestle with a faith-asking, risk-taking God.
  • Some parents are so abusive, the idea of a Heavenly Father that would give His life so we can live simply isn’t in the realm of possibility.

The contrasts are endless.

God’s love is perfect. Always present. Never coddling. Never abusive. Always nurturing. Never content to leave us where we are. Perfect. And no matter the brokenness or beauty you‘ve known, it will always pale in comparison.

Perhaps God seems confusing to you right now because He’s not loving according to your expectations. He’s actually loving you well.

What do you struggle to reconcile, both good and bad, between God’s activity in your life and your expectations of how He should be acting?

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