No Comparison

Erik Cooper —  May 9, 2009 — 5 Comments

When it comes to moms, mine is the best.  No seriously.  I see all you posting Mother’s Day niceties in your blogs,  and on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m sure they’re all sweet ladies, but I’m sorry, there is no comparison. It’s like Tiger Woods vs. the field.  There’s no question who sits atop the leaderboard as the world’s number one.  If you find that offensive, I’m sorry.  I don’t apologize for the truth.


I’m sure my mom is human, but there are days I honestly wonder.  As I look back over the landscape of my life, I owe so much of the stability and trajectory of who I am to her.  Never have I met a more nurturing woman, so full of selflessness and genuine concern for others over herself.  Gifted with endless patience, she put up with a house full of men who found it easy to take advantage of her willingness to serve them.  She was (and still is) always there.  Whenever I look behind me, I know I’ll see her.  Smiling, encouraging, loving, and most importantly praying.

But the thing I undoubtedly love most is how fully she has embraced her calling to maternal leadership, even beyond my brother and me.  She has realized the honor of replicating herself into the lives of all those she touches.  I find my deepest sense of pride in what I see her investing in her non-biological children.  A calling all of us share, but few of us embrace.

The Bible says, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” My family was given way more than we deserve, but my mom continues, and continues, and continues to give back so much more.  I hope the same can be said about me.

None of us choose our family, so I’m so grateful for the Hand of Providence that placed me into Karen Cooper’s care.  I don’t deserve a mom like her.  None of us do.  I love you mom.  Keep modeling replication for all of us (I’m happy to share you with the rest of the world).  Proud to be your son.  Happy Mother’s Day.

5 responses to No Comparison

  1. You never need to buy me another present for the rest of my life…this was by far the most wonderful gift you could have ever given me. Thank you for making me look good, for I am the one who is privileged to be your Mom.

  2. Well said my brother. I couldn’t agree with you more. Love you mom!!

  3. Uncle Bob & Aunt Lorraine May 11, 2009 at 11:20 am

    You have one of your mom’s gifts for sure – you know how to write! I couldn’t agree with you more. My sister is all you wrote and even more. She is my special sister, my dearest friend, my confidante and a very precious gift to our parents and siblings, as well as to your dad, you and Darren. She was always so thrilled and proud of her “boys”. We love her so very much! I’ve told her that the “mantle” of our mom has fallen on her. Your grandma Helga, too, was a woman of prayer and love for God.

  4. Karen Hyfield April 3, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    I agree with every word you have “penned”. I also had a wonderful mother but she left this earth far too soon, so I struggle day by day to try to be the best mother and Grammy I can; however, I fear my efforts fall short. My only solace is knowing that I have loved with.all that is in me as my Father loves me. I was 31 when my mother entered the Kingdom of Heaven and I was left with just a few friends but that was one of the most difficult times of my life. A person’s age at death is of no consequence – I was like a lost child and didn’t know how to really gtieve. I had lost the one person that I could talk to about anything and everything. My girls cried almost every day wanting to go see Grandma – It got harder each day to make them understand that we couldn’t and finally their tears stopped and their little lives returned to normal. But I shut down — we ate out every night for over a month; it seems I had forgotten how to cook. It took about 5 months for me to even feel like life was worth getting up and moving my feet. I still think of her every day. She had a beautiful smile and a big heart and I can still hear her prying every morning for my sister and I and for my dsd’s 4 children from his first marriage. Two of them have died but all 6 of us are/were saved and still love the Lord. So Erik and Darren teach your children to honor their mothers. You have already set an example for them by the way you love your own mother but it also shows in how you honor your wife. You have both become wonderful Christian men – I had no doubt you could be anything other than that. You have a glorious heritage and the and now can leave a tremendous legacy for your children. Love them and hug and kiss them (on the cheek) until they laugh and tell you to stop. There are no words more wonderful to hear from your child than, “I love you”! Just ask God!!!

  5. Karen Hyfield April 3, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    To my beautiful Michelle and Malinda – my love for you is deeper than the ocean and reaches to the farthest star. You have brought joy to me from the day I learned that I was carrying you.
    To my precious Makinze and Charlotte – Grammy loves you so much “to the moon and back”. I didn’t know how rich an experience having grandchildren could be but when I see the two of you I burst with pride. I see 2 little Malinda’s running around and I say “Oyvey”. Mom has her hands full and now you are going to have a new sister or brother and I know I will love him or her just as much as I love the two of you. Malinda, you are a good mommy and I see how much you love your family. I hope that somehow a little of that was hereditary?? Maybe, maybe not, but I love you much. Michelle I see how you have thrown yourself into caring for Brian, Boz, and Boomer and especially the patients who come into the office for evaluation and treatment. You are energetic and have a deep devotion to life and to God. Don’t ever let that light diminish. You were my first born and my “trial run” and you turned out pretty good I think.
    I love all of you so much and at this special time when we celebrate our risen Savior may we find it within us to strengthen the bonds of family and love between us all and ask God to bless our family for His purpose and His eternal Kingdom.

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